On Saturday (3/16) I took another trip up to the Catskills and crossed my second 35er off the list: Wittenberg. I had originally planned on pressing on to do Cornell as well, but I was worried I’d be too tired for the journey back down and figured I should play it safe. Conditions were spectacular: it was a beautiful, nearly cloudless day. The trail was somewhat muddy but mostly in good condition save for some patches of ice near the peak and some downed trees.

This was definitely a tough hike though, with the terrain being extremely rocky and rugged. There were a couple gnarly scrambles (and I didn’t even get to the famously gnarly one, Cornell Crack, on this trip!) I had to climb up this!

It was worth it though because when I got to the top I was greeted by some epic views

Here’s the route I took, including a little detour on a side trail. One day I’d like to do the whole Burroughs range (Wittenberg, Slide, and Cornell) in one shot!